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She's a carnival diver hung in the air

Cutting through time like a memory strung on a wire


The code for the layout was borrowed from tillyness
The brushes and textures by 77words
1981, adam duritz, adelphi university, alan rickman, alton brown, angels and demons, astronomy, atlantic ocean, backstage crew, bay shore, beach, bella swan, billy joel, biology, blackadder, boating, boredom, brian yale, britcoms, broadway, captain and coke, chitty chitty bang bang, collective unconscious, company, constantine maroulis, counting crows, da vinci code, dashboard confessional, david sedaris, dead poets society, dmb, duncan sheik, eddie izzard, edward cullen, elvis costello, emerson, frank mccourt, george harrison, gleaning, good eats, harry potter, heege, home, house md, hugh laurie, ipod, ireland, itunes, jekyll and hyde, johnny depp, law and order svu, learning, london, long island, love, m*a*s*h, malachy mccourt, manoel felciano, mary poppins, matchbox twenty, michael palin, mint chocolate chip, monty python, moonlight, movies, mp3s, new york city, nonconformity, nude organist, ocean, orange juice, oxford university, paint shop pro, peach tea snapple, piano man, pillows, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, psychology, raul esparza, raúl esparza, reading, really bad eggs, robert langdon, robert sean leonard, round here, school house rock, sea turtles, sleeping, snape, snapple, something corporate, sondheim, song of the cebu, stars, sweeney todd, taboo, teaching, tears, terry jones, the 80's, the beatles, the big fromage, the life of brian, the meaning of life, the riches, the sims, the weather channel, the x files, theatre, theperksofbeingawallflower, thoreau, tick tick... boom!, tulips, tv, twilight saga, u2, uno, veggietales, walt whitman, whose line